Syapse Cohorts enhanced by Analytical Datasets (ADS)


It is time to shorten the journey from real-world data to research-ready datasets

Gathering and preparing data is a critical yet time- and labor-intensive process for any research study. With Syapse Cohorts enhanced by Analytical Datasets (ADS), researchers don't have to worry about the long journey from available data to a research-ready dataset.

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Built on Sandbox

A scalable, open-ended, flexible interface that allows researchers to leverage easy-to-adapt algorithms, and high quality data, to tailor their analysis. Sandbox is an existing Syapse subscription-based product using JupyterLab and preferred programming languages R and Python.

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Developed by real world experts for experts in life sciences

Thoughtfully curated by our team of experts in epidemiology, analytics, oncology, and data informatics, ADS are comprehensive, trustworthy datasets that can answer a variety of questions and use cases, with critical insights that capture the entire cancer patient journey. ADS streamlines the insight generation process by taking as much as 90% of the work out of collecting and preparing data.

How Syapse Cohorts ADS helps researchers:

Gain insight into current real-world treatment patterns across patient journeys from early cancer to advanced disease

Understand testing, risk, and prognosis of important biomarkers and impact on treatment patterns and patient outcomes

Harness the full power of Syapse Cohorts with defined variables & documented sources, crafted to fit research use cases

Move from hypothesis to insight with reliable and consistent results time-after-time

Download the ADS overview to share with your team of researchers

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