How technology can be a tool for needed change in healthcare (Part 1/2)

About the episode

The advances in healthcare and technology continue to astound. From better understanding the human genome, to the impacts of the right therapies for patients with cancer, to making sense of all the tests and background information needed to understand the patient being treated. Physicians and researchers are feeling the impacts of data and technology overwhelm.
Dr. Sean Khozin joins Vinod Subramanian for a two-part conversation to discuss the incredible advances over the last several decades, the lessons learned from evolving technologies, and how RWD, AI and other technologies can create more opportunities for physicians to continue to provide the best care possible. 

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[00:41] Introductions
[09:20] What is blocking equitable, accessible healthcare for all?
[14:10] Demystifying responsible AI healthcare tech
[20:30] Using RWD and RWE in clinical trials and drug development
[28:32] Narrowing the gap between research and healthcare delivery
Stay tuned for part 2 of the conversation between Dr. Sean Khozin and Vinod Subramanian!