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Transforming Real-World Care starts with lessons learned from leading clinical experts in oncology.
Each episode dives into the evolution of how real-world data and evidence has improved research and patient care. 


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Treating Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Evolution from Chemotherapy to Targeted Therapies

Drs. George Simon and Matt Rioth talk about how gaining access to molecular information transformed the practice of medicine, effectively navigating the complexities of clinical trials, and using real-world data to guide treatment decision-making.

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Treating Breast Cancer with testing, therapies, clinical trials and real-world data

Dr. Vicente Valero joins Dr. Anna Berry to discuss how he navigates testing, treatments, and using clinical trials along with real-world data to power decision-making to improve patient care. 

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Treating Prostate Cancer: A patient-centric approach to improving outcomes

Dr. Christopher Logothetis joins Dr. Amol Bhalla to share the advances he’s been able to witness and help create, why we need meaningful real-world data that includes the patient perspective, and what steps we can collectively take to usher in the future of medicine.

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Understanding the complexities of treating patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Dr. Garcia-Manero joins Molly Scannell Bryan to share his experience in managing patients with MDS, the important nuances in treating patients with this diagnosis, and the role real-world data can play in improving care.