Treating Prostate Cancer: A patient-centric approach to improving outcomes

About the episode

Over the last forty years there have been incredible advances in understanding and treating not only prostate cancer, but also molecular data, the human genome, and more. 
Dr. Christopher Logothetis joins Dr. Amol Bhalla to share the advances he’s been able to witness and help create, why we need meaningful real-world data that includes the patient perspective, and what steps we can collectively take to usher in the future of medicine.

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[2:10] Brief overview of the prostate cancer evolution over the last four decades
[8:07] Crossing the barrier between the large, real-world data picture and supporting your specific patient
[14:13] Practicing medicine at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative data
[15:57] Beyond the disease, the importance of understanding the impacts of treatment on patients ability to lead full, meaningful lives
[20:54] The value of collecting diverse data in different environments
[23:09] Evolving the payer and healthcare system perspective to include patient’s needs and perspectives
[24:50] The need for more complex Patient Reported Outcomes
[29:01] Diving into the molecular data evolution
[33:18] Giving data meaning and why it matters for decision-making and discovery