Treating Breast Cancer with testing, therapies, clinical trials and real-world data

About the episode

There has been significant progress in available treatment options for breast cancer. Yet, many ask: how can clinicians quickly adopt these new discoveries in the clinic? 
Dr. Vicente Valero joins Dr. Anna Berry to discuss how he navigates testing, treatments, and using clinical trials along with real-world data to power decision-making to improve patient care. 

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[3:08] How clinicians can determine the testing and treatment options for their patients
[4:40] The importance of finding and participating in clinical trials
[5:12] Why Dr. Valero does genomic testing for all of his patients
[8:27] The need for clinicians to retrain or reevaluate the way they’re testing for HER-2
[13:14] Using real-world data to guide decision-making
[17:55] Looking forward: what to expect next for breast cancer treatment